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This blog is about how ESG finance can go beyond good intentions and actually make the world better

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Why is there no “profit-washing”? The importance of incentives

In his book “White Man’s Burden”, William Easterly argues that there are two approaches to international aid: Planning: a top down approach. “A Planner thinks he already knows the answers […] A Planner [is willing to] impose solutions.” Searching: a bottom up approach. “In foreign aid, Planners announce good intentions but don’t motivate anyone toContinue reading “Why is there no “profit-washing”? The importance of incentives”

ESG investing isn’t high-impact, but it could be

This article explores ESG/responsible investing. It identifies certain gaps which I believe could be valuably filled to help ESG investing do more good. This report is for those who are interested in a career to influence the finance system. If you are interested as an individual investor, there are other resources (e.g. the report by Hillebrandt andContinue reading “ESG investing isn’t high-impact, but it could be”

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