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ESG investment that has impact

This blog is about how ESG finance can go beyond good intentions and actually make the world better

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Why is there no “profit-washing”? The importance of incentives

In his book “White Man’s Burden”, William Easterly argues that there are two approaches to international aid: Planning: a top down approach. “A Planner thinks he already knows the answers […] A Planner [is willing to] impose solutions.”Searching: a bottom up approach. “In foreign aid, Planners announce good intentions but don’t motivate anyone to carry…

ESG investing needs thoughtful trade-offs

Thoughtful trade-offs: models for going beyond profit maximisation There is lots of talk about whether incorporating ESG factors could help improve profitability or returns.  This post is not about whether or not this is true. Instead, I claim that this is missing the point. I’m sure there will be times when ESG thinking can lead…

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